samedi 27 mars 2010

Cryptozoologic Twins

From the ghost womb the parasitic twins always talks about Orion.

Limb Drifters

     The Saint Leonard Worm...
     Fourteen hundred years ago, it haunted the forest near Horsham in West Sussex. It Killed and ate animals, and the children, and the few soldiers brave enough to ride out against it. Finally, a simple monk armed himself and went into that forest where he fought the worm and drove it back into the hollow of the earth. In doing so, the monk himslef was gravely hurt. And because of the nature of the place, and the nature of the man, wherever his blood fell lilies grew...
- Mike Mignola "hellboy"

mardi 2 mars 2010


You're my muse, working on my collapsing mind.
Please, let me touch your sweety poisoned skin.